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What is a Psychoeducational Assessment?

A Psychoeducational Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure a range of competencies and areas where support may be required in an educational environment.


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Methods of Care

We focus on increasing each child’s confidence in their own abilities and establishing positive routines.

Providing Psychoeducational Assessments

At Papillon Family Health we work with Psychologists when a Psychoeducational Assessment is required or requested by the child’s family or school.

During school years, it is common for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to be assessed to give schools a detailed picture of the specific learning difficulties present. Each child has unique needs, so this type of assessment helps educators provide the correct type of support, conditions and equipment to promote success in the school environment.

A Psychoeducational Assessment can also help to inform a child’s Applied Behavioural Therapy (ABA), especially if a secondary learning difficulty is diagnosed.

Autism Child Being Assessed

What does the Psychoeducational Assessment involve?

As every child with ASD has individual needs, it can be very helpful to conduct this type of assessment at times of educational transition. As children progress into middle school or high school, families, therapists and educators align to support them through these changes and ensure that their needs are being met.

A Psychoeducational Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure a range of competencies and areas where support may be required. The Psychologist will assess some or all of the following depending on the recommendations of the school, parents and therapy team:

  • Cognitive processing abilities (such as memory, attention, logical reasoning and self-regulation skills)
  • Current academic knowledge in various subject areas
  • Intelligence and aptitude
  • Social, behavioural and emotional functioning
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What does the Psychoeducational Assessment Cost?

The cost of a psychological assessment can vary depending on the specific child but is typically between $2800 and $3500.   The assessment is comprehensive and this cost includes interviews, meetings, and observations.   More details can be provided after the first consultation.

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Report And Actions

The Psychologist will provide an extensive report outlining the child’s abilities in these areas. This will inform the overall care plan and the services best suited to development at home, school and within their therapy sessions. The assessment can also determine whether there is a secondary diagnosis or an additional mental health difficulty or a learning disability.  The Psychologist will conduct a one-on-one session with the child and also speak to the family, teachers and the therapy team to build a clear picture of the current capabilities and support needed for educational transition.

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