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ABA Therapy for Autism

Our programs are customized to the child’s needs, interests, skill level, preferences and family situation.  We believe every child is unique.  Our ABA programs are specifically designed to celebrate and cater to individual differences.

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Speech Therapy for Autism

At Papillon Family Health we work on communication with every child, whether they are pre-verbal, non-verbal, or have some level of verbal ability. Speech and Language Therapy is a wonderful complement to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

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Occupational Therapy for Autism

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often have a variety of unique needs, sometimes involving limited mobility, sensory issues and behavioural challenges. The Occupational Therapist implements strategies and recommends tools to modify their environment for success.

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A Family Centred Approach

A Family Centred Approach

At Papillon Family Health we believe in a family-centred approach to our Autism programs that encompass every element of a child’s life. Every child has unique capabilities and circumstances and therefore needs a flexible care plan that considers their individual needs. We understand that families contribute greatly to outcomes, so our team collaborates with the family to create and implement the most effective program for each child.

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Empowering Children For Success

Since 2009 our centre has been a hub for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families, providing support and empowering children with the tools and help they need. We have built a comfortable and positive environment focused on developing and affirming children’s abilities and establishing pride for accomplishments. We believe in offering realistic environments where children can learn the skills they need to prepare for success in the future.

Empowering Children For Success

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Founder Amanda Reali M.A. Counselling Psychology, M.A., BCaBA

Amanda founded Papillon Family Health to provide an environment where families could be active participants in their children’s learning programs and access the full range of support and services available to them.

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Our team of specialists encompass a range of therapy services including Applied Behavioural Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology and Mental Health Assessments.







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