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What is Speech And Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy can help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to develop relationships with others, improve their academic capabilities and aid them to function in many aspects of their daily lives.

Methods of Care

We focus on increasing each child’s confidence in their own abilities and establishing positive routines.

Building Communication Skills

At Papillon Family Health we work on communication with every child, whether they are pre-verbal, non-verbal, or have some level of verbal ability. Speech and Language Therapy is a wonderful complement to Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Our specialists collaborate on the ideal program for each child’s unique needs. The speech and language pathologist (SLP) can aid with identifying any secondary diagnosis of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and apraxia of speech. They also assist families with techniques to support communication development at home.

Child with Speech Therapist

What does Speech and Language Therapy involve?

Children with ASD can often experience speech and language delays and difficulties. A SLP is trained to work with children from toddlers through to adolescents. Their work involves refining spoken language, improving non-verbal communication, or introducing new communication methods such as sign language, picture communication, or adaptive devices.


The SLP will begin by assessing the child to identify the individual difficulties and needs, then work with the ABA therapy team and family to form a collaborative learning program that benefits the child and can inform and support home learning and other activities.

Communication And Social Skills

The SLP can help the child with articulation, reading and writing, vocal difficulties, motor speech, phonological awareness and learning disabilities. Communication skills are an important element of social interaction that will benefit interactions at home, at school and reinforce other elements of the therapy plan.

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Every child is different and requires an approach designed to suit their unique needs and the SLP may integrate the following targets into the therapy program:

  • Social interactions in a variety of settings
  • Appropriate communication responses and behaviours
  • Taking turns in conversations
  • Transitioning between social settings
  • Accepting changes
  • Expanding interests
  • Improving reading and writing capabilities

Methods of Care

At Papillon we offer Speech and Language Therapy within the learning centre and virtually. Both private and group sessions are available.

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