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Why Papillon for ABA Therapy?

ABA Expertise Since 2009

Papillon has been offering expert ABA therapy In the Peel Region since 2009.  We are also now  integrating Speech and Occupational Therapy services to support a broad spectrum of developmental needs.   We are one of the oldest ABA focused clinics in Ontario working with hundred’s of families over that time.

Autism Services Near You

We offer our services at two spacious, well lit locations; Meadowvale Mississauga and downtown Brampton.

Collaborative, Strength-Based ABA Strategies

We focus on collaborating with families to ensure our therapeutic strategies enhance your child’s strengths in comfortable and nurturing settings. Our goal is to assist every child in developing their skills and achieving their full potential, naturally and positively.

Complementary Call

We offer a complimentary introductory phone call  with a Senior Clinic Manager where you can ask questions about our therapy services, pricing, learn more about our therapists and our clinics. Contact us to see how our coordinated, respectful approaches help children flourish by integrating ABA, SLP and OT therapy.

Autism Centres Near You

We offer services at our Mississauga and Brampton clinics as well as online or virtual.

What is ABA Therapy?

The fundamental purpose of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) improve social interactions, communication and learning skills through positive reinforcement and connection.

What does ABA therapy involve?

ABA is widely recognized as a safe and effective treatment that helps children increase behaviours that are helpful and decrease behaviours that are barriers to growth. ABA techniques can help to increase language and communication skills, improve attention and memory, encourage social skills, assist academic learning and decrease behaviours that interfere with learning.

But ABA therapy looks different for every child. Your child’s therapist will spend time assessing your child’s strengths and weaknesses before recommending specific interventions. The plan will include strategies that parents, teachers and other caregivers can use to achieve treatment goals.

As your child develops, their ABA therapist will adapt the plan to build on past successes and address new challenges.


ABA Therapy for Autism

Your child is unique

Our therapists break down each goal into steps and teach these steps one by one. Progress and positive behaviours are reinforced and rewarded to aid development. This progress is continuously measured by collecting data from each session. The plan can be flexibly adapted from the constant review of the child’s progress and abilities.

Mother and Daughter

A Range of goals and Skills

Our approach to ABA is cooperative. Our behaviour therapists work with your child and your family to design a program customized to your child’s needs, interests, skill level, preferences and family situation.

Goals for an ABA treatment plan at Papillon will include a wide range of development goals. Your child’s goals will be defined with your input and may include:

  • Self-care and toileting
  • Motor skills
  • Play and leisure
  • Communication and language
  • Social skills
  • Academic skills
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Happy Children

We emphasize Communication

Our team meets regularly to review progress and discuss adjustments to teaching plans and goals. ABA techniques can then be used at home to reinforce goal stages. Our team works with families on an ongoing basis to share techniques and support this activity.

We offer flexible programs

At Papillon, we believe building trust with the whole family gives children the best chance for success in their ABA therapy. So we aim to provide flexible treatment programs that will work for diverse and busy families.  Children take part in ABA therapy at the one of our centres  (Mississauga or Brampton)  or through virtual sessions for anywhere between 6-20 hours per week, depending on the individual child and treatment goals.

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