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The Best Autism and Sensory Inclusive Activity Days in Mississauga

As the parents of children with Autism Sensory Disorder (ASD) know, finding a local fun day out that will be sensitive to these children’s needs is not always an easy task.

Children with ASD and different abilities deserve the same opportunities as any children to explore and experience play, fun, and learning activities. The following parks and venues are the best inclusive activities that children with ASD can participate in and enjoy in the Mississauga.

Autism Parks Mississauga

Accessible and ASD Friendly Parks in Mississauga

Parks are a place where the whole family can get together to enjoy the great outdoors. For children with ASD and their families, accessible, and ASD-friendly environments can mean that everyone can share the experience and fun without anyone feeling excluded from the activities.

Here is our list of some great parks in Mississauga to bring your child with Autism.

Zonta Meadows Park

Address: 410 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga ON, L5B 3N8

Sponsored by Zonta Club Of Mississauga, the Zonta Meadows Park is a groundbreaking park designed as the first fully inclusive, barrier-free playground for children of all ages and abilities.

Zonta Meadows Park

The playground features a large multiplatform area with accessible equipment including ramps for wheelchairs and specially designed slides and swings. Children can enjoy the sandpit, stage area, musical equipment, and water play on hot summer days. The equipment includes many sensory features such as braille panels, a mosaic wall, and specially scented areas for learning and exploration.

The park has something for everyone, including quieter areas where families can discover sculptures and beautiful gardens.

Children at Zonta Meadows Park e1622563585949

Paul Coffey Park

Address: 3430 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON L4T 1A9

Paul Coffey Park is the largest park in the Malton area. Along with featuring an exciting decommissioned Canada CF-100 Canuck Aircraft to celebrate the area’s rich aviation history, the park boasts an award-winning adventure playground.

Paul Coffey Park

With a whimsical fairytale theme, the adventure playground is designed to spark any little one’s imagination. The castle and dragon are crafted from natural materials that have pleasing sensory textures and provide a good grip for climbing. The gentle slopes and texture of the terrain allow equipment accessibility for children of all ages and abilities while allowing parents to assist and join in the fun. The towers of the castle also feature quieter, enclosed nooks for when kids need a breather from social play.

Set within an ideal space for picnics, the park provides an environment for the whole family to enjoy time together outdoors, and the park hosts many events throughout the year.


Happy Little Girl

Port Credit Memorial Park

Address: 40 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5G 1S4

Situated in the vast Port Credit Memorial Park, and accessible via the beautiful Harbor trail, this children’s playground is described as one of the best in the city. The playground is designed to mimic Port Credit Village with miniature storefronts and boats and the marina.

Port Credit Memorial Park

The play equipment is bright and colourful with swirling shapes to touch and discover. There are features for children of all ages and abilities such as supportive swings and quieter nooks for a time out from more social play.

The larger park area has events throughout the year such as Busker Festivals, Farmers’ Markets, Rowing Regattas and various music events to make for a fun day out for all the family.


Child on Swing

Hancock Woodlands Park

Address: 2151 Camilla Road, Mississauga ON, L5A 2K1

Developed by the local Hancock family in 1931, then sold to the city of Mississauga in 2010, the Hancock woodlands park is much more than a playground. The park is a beautiful wooded sanctuary for exploring nature, and landscaped garden and nursery for a range of plants and wildlife to thrive.

Hancock Woodlands Park

The park features a nature-inspired play area with wooden mushroom platforms and log tunnels to explore. The equipment naturally provides a sensory experience for children with ASD and is set within a calming woodland setting.

The park offers several events throughout the year where visitors can learn about the woodland and plants that are grown there, making the environment a great day out for the whole family.


Child at Hancock Woodlands

Brickyard Park

Address: 3061 Clayhill Rd, Mississauga, ON L5B 4J3

Located on the grounds of the Cooksville Brick & Tile Company, one of the largest Brick companies in the area, Brickyard Park is a green open space with a lake, baseball fields, a soccer field, and play areas for children.

Brickyard Park

The park features a fun play area with climbing equipment and swings, but the best part of the play area is the colourful splash pad to play and cool off in the hot weather. Water can be an exciting sensory experience for children with ASD, and the surrounding trees and playground nooks can serve as a quiet area to cool off or enjoy some space from the fun and noise when needed.

The park has plenty of space for picnics and family fun, so great for a day out in the warmer months. There is a beautiful trail set around the park for walking, with views of the Toronto skyline.


Happy Mother with Child

Lakeside Park

Address: 2268 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J 1K4

Lakeside Park is a wonderful location for a family day out and picnic. Lakeside is an award-winning waterfront park that was designed to have a low impact on the surrounding environment. There is plenty of green space, a unique cobblestone beach and viewing mounds, a splash pad, and play area for children.

Lakeside Park

The playground has a rustic colour scheme and features climbing equipment and slides. There are some quieter cubbies offset from the main climbing zone where children with ASD can take a calmer break from play. The splash pad provides a chance to cool off in the summer and a sensory experience.

The park is dog friendly, so the furry members of the family can visit the leash free zone for a run too.


Happy Child Playing Soccer

Lakefront Promenade

Address: 135 Lakefront Promenade, Mississauga, ON L5E 3G9

Lakefront Promenade is a large 104 acre space and public waterfront. The park is made up of a group of smaller parks in the waterfront area -AE Cookes, RK McMillan, and Douglas Kennedy. Along with the marina and Port Credit Yacht Club where prestigious races are hosted each year, the beautiful lakefront environment features many fun activities for a family day out.

Lakefront Promenade

There are several playgrounds within the park -so something to suit children of all ages and abilities. There is also a sandy beach to explore, a beach volleyball court, and plenty of areas for picnics. But the most popular attraction is the large splash pad that also serves as a wading pool for children to enjoy watery fun in the warm weather.

The lake is a beautiful day out where the family can enjoy a range of activities of their choice, and spend quality time together.


Children at Splash Pad

Kariya Park

Address: 3620 Kariya Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 3J2

Built in collaboration with, and named for Mississauga’s sister city in Japan, Kariya Park is a beautiful escape from the urban area of the city where families can enjoy a slice of Japan within the peace and quiet of this amazing environment.

Kariya Park

Kariya Park is known for its cherry blossoms throughout spring, there are ponds with wildlife to spot such as ducks and turtles, and traditional Japanese structures to learn about. Children with ASD can enjoy the sound of the small waterfall designed to create a relaxing spot to unwind.

This park is an opportunity to have a picnic, spot some wildlife, enjoy the lovely gardens, and experience a different culture close to home.


Child with Cherry Blossoms

Celebration Square

Address: 300 City Centre Dr, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

This green area in the centre of Mississauga is an activity hub for the communities and a venue for events throughout the year that make for a great day out.

Celebration Square

Although there is not a traditional playground, the water feature situated by the Civic building acts as a wading pool to play in during hot weather, and doubles as an ice rink during the winter months. There is also a green space for a game of tag or catch.


Children Skating

ASD Friendly Entertainment in Mississauga

Cineplex Theatres

Address: 309 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5B 4C1 

Cineplex have recognised that the movie going experience can be difficult for people with sensory sensitivities, so introduced sensory friendly screenings in 2015 so that all of their customers have the opportunity to enjoy the movie theatre experience.

Cineplex Cinemas

Sensory friendly screenings reduce difficulties for children with ASD through 2D projection, increased auditorium lighting, lower volume and smaller crowds – at select theatres across Canada.

These screening times and Covid-19 guidelines can be discovered via the local Cineplex websites.

Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Address: 3636 Hawkestone Rd, Mississauga, ON L5C 2V2

Sky Zone is an indoor play park for lovers of trampolines, where kids, and adults can get physically active. The park has activities suitable for people of all ages, and is great for birthday parties, or just a day of family fun where everyone can be silly together.

Skyzone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone offers sensory friendly timeslots with smaller crowds and a calmer trampoline experience for people with sensory sensitivities, so children with ASD can discover the fun to be had with bouncy surfaces.

Sky Zone is currently closed due to the pandemic, but will be open again as soon as possible.

Vasuki Thiruchelvam