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Free ABA Therapy Resources Within Ontario

Support Services for Children with Autism in Ontario – Resource List

We are collecting ABA therapy resources within Ontario that can help support you and your child.  We hope you find them useful.  If you have any suggestions please email us at

Peel Autism Resource

A place to get information on ASD and the services/supports available in Peel Region.  You will find information on many things including:

  • Autism-related services in Ontario
  • Community events
  • Special Education resources
  • Workshops/webinars
  • Recreational activities
  • Other autism-related matters

They also have a section that discusses options for financial assistance which includes:

Hands Together

Finding and understanding special education in Ontario can be a challenge, but the Peel Autism Resource can help.  You will find useful information including:

  • IPRC Decision making in regard to special education
  • Options for placement including:
    • Regular class with indirect support
    • Regular class with resource assistance
    • Regular class with withdrawal assistance
    • Special education class with partial integration
    • Full-time special education class
  • Information regarding obtaining and using an IEP
  • Links to ministry documents and Ontario ministry of education resources
  • Details of the Ontario Special Education Tribunal

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Autism Ontario

Autism Ontario is a great general resource.

  • Find free and paid events
  • Free email subscription
  • Annual Membership fee for higher level access.

While there is an annual membership fee to access certain information and events, you can sign up for their email subscription free of charge where they share information regarding events, resources and Autism updates

Ministry of Ontario, Special Services at Home

Here you will find services offered through the Special Services at Home program.   You will find a general overview of funding and how to manage it plus descriptions of funding and costs for children with physical and or developmental disabilities.

This includes:

  • Respite Costs and Funding assistance
  • Personal growth and development funding
  • Funding Eligibility requirements
  • Funding Application process.

Ministry of Ontario, Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities

  • Information regarding temporary change in wages for workers
  • Information regarding sensory items,  technology, PPE, essential services deliveries, behavioural support plans, hiring other caregivers and home-based fitness activities to support children during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Eligibility requirements and financial supports
  • How to apply

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Ministry of Ontario, OAP/Childhood Budgets

  • Eligibility requirements and how to apply
  • Submitting expense forms
  • Transitioning from childhood budget to 1-time funding
  • Services and supports that cannot be purchased using budget
  • Types of services offered with the budget

Government of Canada, Disability Tax Credit

  • Description of the disability tax credit
  • Eligibility requirements
  • What happens after T2201 is sent and received
  • How to claim the DTC after it has been approved

Assistive Ware

  • Description of what is AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication_
  • Who is it for
  • Communicating without speech
  • Types of AAC:
    • AAC without physical aid (facial expressions, body language, etc)
    • AAC with tools (cards, PODD books, apps and mobile devices, etc)
    • Text-based AAC (proloquo4text)
    • Symbol-based AAC (proloquo2go)
  • Benefits of AAC
  • Challenges for individuals without AAC

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POND Network

  • Also known as the Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Network
  • Focuses on understanding the neurobiology of neurodevelopmental disorders
  • POND network aims to translate findings into effective new treatments

Good Things in Life

  • Supporting children with disabilities to build positive inclusive lives at home, at school and in the community
  • Hosts podcasts for conversations and Q&A with experts on children with disabilities
  • Includes reading materials for those who prefer to read

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